Cynthia Birney - Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher
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Cynthia's Blog
Feldenkrais in Portland
Feldenkrais in Portland
Feldenkrais in Portland
Feldenkrais in Portland
"Cynthia is a lifesaver!! Genuinely, truly and honestly."

-- G.M.O., Pasadena, California

Cynthia Birney, GCFP and her Work
Feldenkrais in Portland, Oregon

Are you experiencing back pain?
Having problems focusing?
Have you stopped participating in formerly enjoyable activities?

The Feldenkrais Method®, as taught and practiced by Cynthia Birney, provides a powerful source of relief from pain and has resulted in an enhanced quality of life for her many clients. Cynthia’s masterful guidance, as a movement specialist and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher, offers skillful and nurturing support for this highly transformative process.

The remarkable neurological precision of the Feldenkrais Method reduces or eliminates pain and joint constrictions. Additionally, many of Cynthia’s clients and students have found that working with her has been the catalyst for healing on the emotional level as well as the physical level. They credit Cynthia with setting strong foundational support from which they could heal deeply in both body and mind.

With Cynthia’s assistance, her clients have reported renewed pleasure engaging in favorite pastimes, finding comfort while sitting at their computer, and playing, once again, with their children and grandchildren.

Who can benefit? Just about anyone willing to change old habits for more vital, pain free movement. This can be you!

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Check out Cynthia's blog and her 5-star book:
Moving with Grace: Essays on Grief, Healing and Hope

Feldenkrais in Portland

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